Airtel Platinum 3G Is Now Available for Bangalore; Swears on Better Mobile Battery Life


Bharti Airtel has now launched the (Platinum 3G network) for all its users in Bangalore. The telecom now claims that the Platinum 3G network will give customers a superior mobile experience via significantly enhanced indoor coverage with better voice clarity and also faster internet speeds. In the first week of last month, the company had launched Platinum 3G in sixty towns across Assam.

Airtel Platinum 3G is powered by two spectrum bands, the 900 MHz along with the 2100 MHz. The service does not need any additional subscription and it is a part of the company’s network enhancement program. The Airtel Platinum 3G will definitely support in optimizing the backend engagement between the networks as well as the mobile devices, which thereby allows customers to have an extended battery life on their mobile devices.

The CEO of Bharti Airtel Limited (Karnataka), C Surendran stated that the launch of Platinum 3G will deliver enhanced voice along with data connectivity for customers on 3G as they continue to roll out 4G services in the state of Karnataka.

Airtel has recently started the implementation of the nationwide network transformation program, which is called Project Leap. It has a well planned investment of Rs 60k crore over the next 3 years; This Project Leap is one strategic company initiative, which is aimed at improving the network quality.


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