Marble Provides Aesthetics and Organic Looks – Both Important. Here’s How to Pick the Right Ones for Home and Office


When it comes to flooring for your home or office, the options are unlimited. Though there are many contemporary tiles available in the market, a majority of clients still prefer marble as it provides unique aesthetics as well as organic looks to any surrounding in which it would be present.

What could prove this fact better than world-famous monuments like Taj Mahal, The Coliseum or Marble Arch in London, standing tall as a testimony to this natural stone’s beauty and durability?

Marble Provides Aesthetics That Cannot Be Imitated

Marble is one of the most luxurious and elegant of all stones. When used in flooring applications marble’s natural beauty, can last for generations and it is highly versatile for use all through the home; from fireplace surrounds and ornamental furnishings to cladding, walls, worktops and bathrooms amongst other interior or exterior areas.

If you want a unique and luxurious interior for your office and/or workplace, then too marble would be the right choice. Marble varieties like Bianco Carrara marble and Calacatta marble are apt for residential as well as commercial use. Marble is highly suitable for formal and ideally non-high traffic areas as it’s softer than granite.

Valued for its elegant style and intrinsic beauty, marble flooring has adorned the palaces of many kings and queens for several centuries up to present day; making it a second-to-none, luxurious choice for interiors and exteriors. The fact that the look of any space will get a royal bearing with marble cannot be denied.

Now that you know that marble is the preferred natural stone when it comes to unique aesthetics and naturally organic looks, it’s time to understand how to pick the right type of marble for your home and office.

The above image shows floorings in Perlato Sicilia marble in a polished finish with materials from Levantina

Choosing the Right Marble for a Home and/or Office

Selecting the right kind of marble for your home or office may seem to be a daunting task in the beginning. As with any natural product, marble may vary in terms of finish, strength, liquid absorption rate as well sheet sizes and the specific block of the material amongst other factors.

Here’s a quick guide with few useful tips that can help you make an informed decision:

  • The first thing to that is important to remember is to carry out some research so that you get to understand the various kinds and types of marble available in your local marketplace. Ensure that the choice you make is apt for the specific application. –This can be easily received by contacting a local worktop supplier or flooring installer firm.
  • You should be aware that natural markings, colours and textures can differ to a great extent between batches. One of the main characteristics of marble is that two pieces will never be the same and you will own a unique piece of art.
  • It’s recommended to check different pieces as possible before finalising your purchase. You can do this by requesting more than one sample of a given marble or by checking the material across different photos and slabs online.
  • Check the Absorption Rating of the marble variety, which implies its porosity. The more the absorption rate it has, the more susceptible it will be to stains or etiching. Whilst pure white marble may perform perfectly well in a bathroom, it may not be ideal for a kitchen worktop.
  • The four absorption levels (in order of lowest to highest) are:
      1. Impervious: absorption-resistant
      2. Vitreous: suitable for low to mid-traffic outdoor and indoor applications
      3. Semi-vitreous: absorbs less liquid
      4. Non-vitreous: highest level of liquid absorption
  • Visit a couple of retailers to get a good understanding of what marble flooring is all about. Ask the retailer a lot of questions so that you can get a clearer picture of the kind of marble you are about to pick. There are several marble varieties like Arabescato marble, Statuario marble, Pietra Grey marble and Negro Marquina marble to name a few in different price margins. Also, please ensure that you find the grading system used by the retailer to rate the stone quality. Understand how they determine the rating. Even though two pieces of marble may have the same name, quality will vary between quarries, as they classify materials depending on their degree of natural faults such as pitting, veining, etc.
  • Before finalising a purchase, you should ask about the maintenance requirements for the specific variety of marble you choose. Marble is a long-lasting material but different marble types may require different maintenance regimes.
  • If you are planning to get a reception desk, kitchen worktops or marble flooring installed in a high traffic environment, you may also need to consider the Coefficient of Friction or slip-resistance for wet areas such as bathrooms, wet rooms and saunas.

We hope these tips will help you find the right kind of marble for your home or office interior.


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