WhatsApp Can Be Misused by Terrorists: The Supreme Court Will Hear the Petition Seeking Its Ban


WhatsApp has been doing timely upgrades. One such upgrade was when it enabled encryption in order to secure the privacy of its users.

This decision of encrypting the user’s information came in after the battle between the FBI and Apple surfaced when the former wanted access to the messages from the locked phone of a person who was suspected to be a terrorist. Although encrypting messages are great and will not let any sort of hackers read your personal messages, it will actually cause a lot of issue when cops what to trace the messages that are sent using WhatsApp.

After WhatsApp enabled encryption, there have been a lot of people across the globe, who saw it as a threat to the nation’s security. In a country like India, the encryption of up to forty bit is considered legal and all those services, which are using this kind of encryption will have to register with the government. Those people who are using higher encryption do not have permission from the government and WhatsApp also belongs to that group. So technically, WhatsApp is also illegal in India; however, there are no strong guidelines in the country, which can ban it.

During the previous month, one of the RTI activists had lodged a petition in the Supreme Court requesting a ban on WhatsApp. The activist wanted to ban this app as they decided to encrypt all of the messages sent through WhatsApp. The activist also claimed that the terrorists could safely plan and carry out terror attacks via WhatsApp and no government agencies will be able to tap the messages in order to take necessary actions.

The Supreme Court of India will hear a petition by the end of this month. The SC agreed to hear the petition requesting a ban on Whatsapp on the basis that the firm is using a highly encrypted platform and it may be dangerous to the nation’s security as it may give the terrorists the ideal platform to plan and execute terror attacks.


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